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Prevention Education: Protection Never Had Such Style®

The skyrocketing incidents of STD’s, HIV/AIDS, and Unplanned Pregnancy affect women of all ages and from all socio-economic levels. Which leads to the question – What can you, as a health care provider, do to encourage women to protect themselves?

Today’s woman must be prepared – Education is key. But educational printed materials alone may not be enough to change the behavior of women at risk. Truth is, What we KNOW does not necessarily equate what we DO.

The creators of JUST IN CASE®, a mother and daughter team, know that women need to feel comfortable before they will actually carry a condom. Their innovative product, the JUST IN CASE® Condom Compact, is the first mirrored compact with a hidden compartment that holds condoms.

Just giving away condoms does not guarantee that they will be used;
chances are that women will not carry the condoms
for fear of being judged should someone see one in her purse.


JUST IN CASE® is an important tool that empowers women to actually carry condoms, and will assure a woman of having her own, good-quality protection without judgment and raise the odds that she will make healthier, smarter choices of safer sex practices.

The style factor is an element that is often overlooked when dealing with women’s sexual health products.

The makers of JIC took this fact into consideration when creating their product, while addressing a woman’s innate nature of privacy when dealing with intimate matters, JUST IN CASE® upholds a woman’s requirement for style, again, raising the odds that she will actually carry the condoms and use them.

Become a leader in transforming the behavior of women at risk by offering this groundbreaking tool.

We offer great pricing for Non-Profits and Health Care Professionals. Please contact Rachael@JustInCaseInc.com for further information.