About Us: Our Story

The idea for JUST IN CASE® was born after a dinner conversation I had in the early 80′s with my former neighbor Dr. Carl Djerassi, a world renowned chemist whose research findings lead to the birth of “the pill” and revolutionized the way we view sexuality. He suggested that evening that the condom was still an excellent means for contraception but had a bad image and couldn’t I do something to change that?

Well, thought about it, I did. I came up with the condom case compact for women in 1982. My idea was before its time. AIDS, STD’s and unplanned pregnancies were not in the pulse of our social structure as they are today. Sadly, we now face these maladies in epidemic proportions.

It’s Time.

In 2003 JUST IN CASE®, Inc. was formed and we began our research and development. My daughter Rachael, who has extensive experience in the cosmetic industry, suggested it was time to join forces and make this dream a reality. And so it began. We became partners and started our research and development, then created our JUST IN CASE® line of socially conscious and high fashion compacts. We are so proud to share this product with women everywhere.

We are expanding our line to include beauty products in our signature compacts. Our first in this line is JUST IN CASE® Confidential. A fabulous lip gloss duo; with sexy colors that will take you from daytime to evening, they also include a drawer for your “Sexy Stash”.

Keep checking in to see what’s new!

Love Well. Love Wisely. ®

Marsha G. Bartenetti & Rachael G. Sudul