About Us: Our Philosophy - Love Well. Love Wisely. ®

It is our belief that although a woman may be sophisticated, smart, sexy and forward thinking in her world, beneath the strong exterior lives a woman who is innately modest,and has a desire to be loved and respected; a different kind of strength.

Often, situations arise where self-betrayal replaces self-knowledge with the belief that having unprotected sex will please her partner and begin or keep a relationship going; all of which could put her life at risk. Furthermore, the idea of purchasing condoms herself or carrying them in her purse where others may see them, might be just too embarrassing. Or she may feel judged for having them in her possession.

It’s Time.

We believe we can take the messages in the media about safe sex practices and the risks of unplanned pregnancy, the epidemic numbers of AIDS or STD’s, and transform them into action with JUST IN CASE®. We provide a product that will discreetly and stylishly protect and make a difference in the lives of sexually active women, and restore her self-respect, confidence, and honoring of her own body.

It is our goal to provide a stylish, discreet compact for every woman’s purse. Our designs are as evolving and beautiful, as the women we serve.

We provide an online dialogue for women to share ideas, and some of the latest news in fields of sex education and health.

We are dedicated to the pursuit of our goals through active listening and experience, and continued education of a committed team at JUST IN CASE®, Inc..

Our values adhere to the highest ethical standards while providing quality products and a message of hope. We respect and value all women’s rights to their bodies and privacy.

Love Well. Love Wisely.®