Just In Case. I've got a secret... We know the message is to always have safe sex. Fine. We get that. But, how embarrassing to have someone see a condom in our purse, right? Finally we can have the best of both worlds... Now I can carry my protection - and no one will have to know. The compact is hot - and I feel safe.JUST IN CASE - Decisions Made Easy. The only thing you have to worry about, is whether he'll make the first move, or you. As for what happens after that... you've got yourself coveredJUST IN CASE empowers you to actually carry condoms without judgement. In doing so, it raises the odds that you will make healthier, smarter choices of safer sex practices. Love well. Love wisely.JUST IN CASE Confidential. Our breakthrough product offers a sexy Lip Gloss Duo SSShh-eer Bliss and Sultry SSShh-immer. This luscious, silky gloss will take you from daytime to evening. The JUST IN CASE Confidential compact includes our signature compartment for your condomsJUST IN CASE condom compacts are also perfect for carrying your little essentials - medication or a little stash of cash. Always there. When you need itJUST IN CASE custom classic style condom compacts are covered in Swarovski crystals. Available in all classic colors. Sparkle